• Let's go out in...,  Lyon

    The delicious Mr Simms’ shop

    We all dreamed about it, and they did! Nicolas and Florine, two business school students, have embarked on a crazy adventure: opening their own business in Lyon. But be careful, don’t get me wrong, behind this 2nd arrondissement window hides a real treasure… It’s the Garden of Eden of Confectionery!

  • Recipes,  Sweet

    Cookies for a perfect break

    Yes, little world, whatever our age, we will always like to make THIS little “gourmet” break in the afternoon. After all, let’s forget the scales for a while, and please our taste buds! So to brighten up your Sunday, today I offer you a recipe for smiling cookies that is easy to make. Roll up your sleeves and get your pussies. Ready, fire, get in the oven!