In this section, you will find my salty or sweet recipes. So get your cooking aprons on!

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    Cookies for a perfect break

    Yes, little world, whatever our age, we will always like to make THIS little “gourmet” break in the afternoon. After all, let’s forget the scales for a while, and please our taste buds! So to brighten up your Sunday, today I offer you a recipe for smiling cookies that is easy to make. Roll up your sleeves and get your pussies. Ready, fire, get in the oven!

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    Lovely shortbread biscuits

    What’s better than a cocooning sunday, warm in front of the telly, with some little delicious biscuits in your hands ? Nothing compares to a rest day, especially when the week has been filled with things and full of feelings. Alone or with your family, Let your sunday to go along with yummy cakes: shortbreads. For about sixty biscuits, you need: 3 glasses of flour 1 glass of caster sugar (2 tablespoons of caster cinnamon) 2 eggs 125g of butter ½ glass of caster almonds 1 rolling pin Pastry cutters This recip is just really super extra easy my friends! Go ahead: Cut the…