Let's go out in...

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  • Let's go out in...,  Lyon

    Bouillet or the sweet paradise from Lyon!

    We often harp you on about watching your food, to eat healthy and balanced things and above all, to not snack between your meals… YES BUT ! What you love deep inside, it’s treating yourself with good things. What if you could stop being careful of what’s happening on your plate for once ? Let be tempted by the good French cuisine that our dear country set on top footing. Oh, you know what ? My taste buds are back !

  • Let's go out in...,  Lyon

    V & B: the Crunchy yesteryear shop!

    Admit it, I’ve drawn your attention ! And for a good reason since this article will require your greed… Remember the time where you were just a kid and when you were surprised to taste candies each one more sweet, sour, coloured, fizzy than the last… Do you remind you this moment, when you became older and said to yourself “I loved those candies, I need to find some again !” without success ? Well, you will enjoy what is about to come will.