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  • Let's go out in...,  Paris

    BMK or the flight from Paris to Bamako

    New city = new culinary experiences! Fooding is a big part of my life: I tend to be very curious in this field and I love discovering other flavours/specialities from all over the world, until I land in Bamako. Finally, not in the strict sense of the word since I stayed in Paris but my taste buds travelled to an African canteen that is none other than the BMK in the 10th arrondissement.  

  • Let's go out in...,  Paris

    ~ According to the Season ~

    Hum the Brunch… a pure moment of gustatory pleasure, relaxation and sharing. It is the ideal companion for spending Saturday or Sunday mornings with a sweet tooth. It is often complemented by salty or sweet dishes, fresh products and ready-made dishes that tickle your nostrils. Do you feel the olfactory delights that escape from the kitchen?