Let's go out in...,  Paris

BMK or the flight from Paris to Bamako

New city = new culinary experiences! Fooding is a big part of my life: I tend to be very curious in this field and I love discovering other flavours/specialities from all over the world, until I land in Bamako.

Finally, not in the strict sense of the word since I stayed in Paris but my taste buds travelled to an African canteen that is none other than the BMK in the 10th arrondissement.



All dishes are carefully prepared on site from fresh and natural products to the delight of our palate. In addition to offering tasty and traditional dishes such as mafé, yassa or thiéboudienne (available in gluten-free vegan version), the restaurant has a quality delicatessen.



I loved the setting that surrounds us in a totally cosy universe. It is a place of sharing and emotions, perfect for tasting a gourmet and friendly African cuisine.

So don’t hesitate to go there quickly!  Find them at this address:

BMK PARIS-BAMAKO, 14 rue de la Fidélité, Paris 10

And on their website: https://www.bmkparis.com/


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