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The delicious Mr Simms’ shop

We all dreamed about it, and they did! Nicolas and Florine, two business school students, have embarked on a crazy adventure: opening their own business in Lyon. But be careful, don’t get me wrong, behind this 2nd arrondissement window hides a real treasure… It’s the Garden of Eden of Confectionery!

The concept? Bring together the most famous sweets and sweets from around the world and offer them to us in their shop. Everything is there: French, American, English… and even the magical world of Harry Potter. I’m sure you remember those famous “ChocoGrenouilles”, “Gum of Slugs” and other surprise dragées from Bertie Crochue with surprising tastes…? Well, I announce it to you, whatever your search, you can find it at Mr Simms, the European specialist in sweets.



Personally, I love their peanuts and their wide choice of chocolate bars. But hey, I’m not taking any chances by telling you that everything is delicious.

In short, this fun and original concept is really the pearl of Lyon’s city centre. Once you’ve pushed the doors in, you can be sure it will attract you like a magnet! I’m not the first fan and certainly not the last.

Nougat? No problem at all! Here there is something for every colour and taste.

Chocolate everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere… We’re asking for more!

Jars filled with sweets: spicy, melting, crunchy, fruity… everything is there.

So, young and old, Florine and Nicolas invite you to meet them now at 5 rue de la Barre in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon.

Feel free to follow their facebook page.

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