The app that got me hooked…

So we will never stop progress! New technologies have swept across our planet and offer us more and more services and features. The applications make us completely turn our heads: there are dozens of them in our phones, and yet there is always one that attracts us more than another, isn’t there? I speak with knowledge of the facts, because I have found the one towards whom my gaze is constantly focused.

Blackpills…. Does that name ring a bell? No ? (Sacrilege, how is that possible?). It seems that someone has finally answered our prayers because this app is everything we were secretly dreaming of (Read on, you will be thrilled too!).

It’s nothing more than a video service available in streaming! Everything is free (the dream, right?!!). Blackpills produces and distributes its creations on its application in the form of mini series indexed by genre. The concept? Offer you short episodes that will only take you an average of 10 minutes of your time. A season is composed of 6 to 10 episodes (available in several languages, with or without subtitles) in general.


The themes chosen are really nice and the episodes are of very good quality (both on the graphics and on the plot). Do I have to tell you that you will be spoilt for choice?

For my part, the “Thriller” category is the one I preferred (and by far… very far away): the stories are original and the scenes keep us on the edge of our seats (everything we expect from a good series in the end).

The only disadvantage? It is essential to be connected to the Internet to be able to watch the episodes and it is impossible to download them for the moment…. SNIF SNIF !

To make it yours, click here!

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