O (my) bag !

It is the essential accessory, the number one friend of any self-respecting young lady… Whether it is small, tall, simple, original, basic or colourful, we love our handbag and it gives us back it well.

Yes, but because there is a “but”, everyone agrees, man and woman alike, that we are increasingly looking for unique pieces, clothes or accessories that look like us. And it is to satisfy this type of demand that the customizable handbag appeared, to our great pleasure.

I have some good news to share with you… I discovered THE brand that excels in this area: “O bag”. The principle is simple: it’s up to you! Shapes, colours, materials, you have the possibility to personalize your bag from A to Z my dear ones.

Created in 2009 in Italy, the designers first designed a customizable watch. Discreet, the brand struggles to make itself known but very quickly, the “handbag” of our desires is launched and it is the consecration. No more comments like “Wow, have you seen this bag? It’s great but I don’t like the color at all”, “I’m tired, I feel like everyone bought the same one as mine”… O bag is here now.

So, did I convince you? To get your own “O bag”, take a look at the existing stores in France or go to:


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