LaureMjoy: glitters in eyes!

It’s literally my “WAOUH” of the week! Of Breton origin and a graduate of the Goblins school, this talented little woman launched her brand in July 2015: following trends with brio is her credo. His first idea? Reproduce your own artistic creations on materials other than paper.

AND IT WORKS! Laure loves what she does and it shows: her poetic and girly universe makes us completely capsize.

Everything is there: ready-to-wear (women’s and men’s), boxes, accessories, decoration… In short, everything we love at very affordable prices for made in France. Its site is full of little pearls around its motto “Love, Glory and Glitter” and everyone can find what they are looking for.



However, you do not know everything… the products it offers are certainly handmade (a HUGE positive point, by the way) but also 100% organic cotton on the ready-to-wear side. Isn’t that the best quality? Personally, I rushed to the stationery corner when I was shopping, but I think a nice hanger would be ready to accommodate a small top very soon.

Discover her website right here.

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