Birchbox, the beauty in a box

This is a recent phenomenon and yet boxes of all kinds have swept onto the market and have conquered us. But in the end, what is it and how does it work? Well, first of all, it’s a great concept, let’s face it! Every month, you receive a “box” with small products inside according to the theme of your box.

Indeed, there are all kinds of them: for sport, beauty, travel, DIY (do it yourself)… and even for animals! Today, I present you the “Birchbox” which is a monthly beauty box offering 5 surprise samples, more or less imposing, depending on your beauty profile. Skin care, hair or hand care, varnishes, balms, gloss or lipsticks, make-up… this box offers us very good products for only 13 euros per month (so almost nothing).

As a subscriber for more than two years, I was thrilled by the quality, design and packaging of the beauty products that were offered to me on a monthly basis.



Are you succumbing? Register quickly on their website! All you have to do is fill in your personal details, your bank details and your beauty profile. Once these steps have been completed, you will receive your boxes and you will be automatically debited every month.

A little info: there are boxes for men! Feel free to please your spouses!

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