Let's go out in...,  Paris

~ According to the Season ~

Hum the Brunch… a pure moment of gustatory pleasure, relaxation and sharing. It is the ideal companion for spending Saturday or Sunday mornings with a sweet tooth. It is often complemented by salty or sweet dishes, fresh products and ready-made dishes that tickle your nostrils. Do you feel the olfactory delights that escape from the kitchen?

Anyway, I may be doing a little too much but you understood me: I’m a complete brunch fan, especially right now (don’t ask me why), and I wanted to talk to you about a most delicious place! It’s about the Season.

Here’s their card, just to make your mouth water:



When I went there, I was really hungry like a wolf, but in the end, we only had two dishes for two, but I can tell you that it was more than enough quantity.

We opted for avocado spreads with salmon spices and caramel pancakes. It was… how to tell you… a fireworks display in your mouth! More seriously: they offer a wide variety of dishes, balanced and homemade of high quality. The flavours are very pleasant, the dishes are not heavy and this really changes from the traditional “Scrambled Eggs – Bacon” that we all know. As for drinks, I had chosen iced tea, which was very good by the way!

If you go there, you should know that the restaurant is often stormed as soon as it opens. But don’t worry, you don’t wait long to get a table. You have to wait in line (CERTES – this is the game my poor Lucette) but their service tells you the waiting time and offers to call you as soon as your table becomes available.

This brand also has a “Take Away” store to be able to carry the culinary preparations of your choice as well as a “Season Market”. I invite you to visit their website to get to know my new Headquarters better.

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