– A macaroon for nails –

As at the beginning of each year, the time is ripe for resolutions (which we never keep, let’s be honest) and new things: makeover, sports activities (SPORT? Don’t know), moves… for some and beauty changes for others.

Personally, in 2017, I just want to take a little more care of myself and I decided to start with MY ONGLES. Amazing?

Not as much as you might think: yes, they reveal a lot about our health and well-being and having never had a big problem at that level, I decided to varnish them!

So far, nothing very original BUT the technique is totally original. For the occasion, I tested the limited edition of the “Le mini macaron” brand.

This overly cute edition contains all the accessories needed to make a top-notch manicure at home! You read it right: no need to spend a fortune in institutes anymore because this “Christmas box” costs 40€ and count about 33€ (to see here) for the classic kits.

This is the contents of the box set:

A gold LED lamp in the shape of a button,
A USB cable and an adapter,
2 semi-permanent mini varnishes (Pomegranate and Pink),
A cuticle shoot,
A large nail file,
10 patchs of deposit.

The brand is a leader in the field and has recently been sold at Sephora, so you don’t take any risks. I was skeptical at first because I know that this kind of application can damage the nail and I have never been very fond of semi-permanent beauty practices. So I threw myself into the water without really being convinced.

The application was quick (about 15 min) and the varnish dries immediately after placing your nail in the button (so super good point: no need to wait for it to dry). As for the hold, my manicure lasted 2 weeks without flaking BUT I must point out that I had not filed the surface of my nail (important step if you want the nail polish to remain intact for 3 weeks) to prevent it from being too damaged.

A brief summary:

The easiest to use ⇒ + fast + long-lasting + easy to take away + cheaper than in an institute!

The less ⇒ damages the nails…. It’s not the best on the market!

My balance sheet:

This product is really practical and effective for a long-lasting manicure! Its shape and size also make it possible to take it with you everywhere (what more could you ask for?).

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