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V & B: the Crunchy yesteryear shop!

Admit it, I’ve drawn your attention ! And for a good reason since this article will require your greed…

Remember the time where you were just a kid and when you were surprised to taste candies each one more sweet, sour, coloured, fizzy than the last… Do you remind you this moment, when you became older and said to yourself “I loved those candies, I need to find some again !” without success ? Well, you will enjoy what is about to come will.

Indeed, there is a shop which will satisfy your sweet desires ! Drum roll… the Violette & Berlingot sweet making is here to serve you… Thanks to this confectionery full of treats, you will be able to rediscover the sweets, chocolates and other things of your childhood; including those you were keen of as a kid.

Take then your baskets my friends, the candies are in this place: 52 Passage de l’Argue, 69002 Lyon.



I also let you take a look at their website: click here.

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