Let's go out in...,  Lyon

Bouillet or the sweet paradise from Lyon!

We often harp you on about watching your food, to eat healthy and balanced things and above all, to not snack between your meals… YES BUT ! What you love deep inside, it’s treating yourself with good things. What if you could stop being careful of what’s happening on your plate for once ? Let be tempted by the good French cuisine that our dear country set on top footing. Oh, you know what ? My taste buds are back !

I’m a real “gourmet” since my birth, I’m always looking for truly good addresses where savouring great dishes. And, you know, since my arrival in Lyon, I have to admit that I can’t keep adding them to my little notebook. Lyon is the Haute cuisine capital where there are a lot of surprises in culinary topic: sweet, salty, spicy things… and so on and so forth ! As for me, it’s called happiness: a real youngster to the bouncy castles’ kingdom.

I announce it to you loud and clear “The pastry rendez-vous, it’s in Bouillet !”. Sweet treats and chocolate candies will welcome you, nothing more will be necessary to succumb.

Come and find the 1st shop at 14 rue des Archers, in the 2d district of Lyon.

The 2d shop is in the 16 Place de la Croix Rousse, in the 4th district of Lyon.

BIG AND TRUE crush for this HUGE Saint Honoré… it’s to die for ! I cannot hide you that I’m deeply keen of this Lyonnaise shop. My heart bits so fast every time I’m in front of this shop window which is just deliciously amazing. Sébastien Bouillet, you’re the best pâtissier of the City of Lights.

For further information, go on their website ! 

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